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For more children, puberty signs start at 8

When Frank Biro walks into to a class of second- or third-graders these days, there are almost always a couple of girls who look different than the rest. “There will be quite a few girls that look like they’re going into early puberty,” says Dr. Biro, a

Here’s how long children should sleep every day

Every parent knows that children need sufficient sleep to stay healthy and do well in school. But exactly how many hours of sleep do children of different ages need per day? The latest recommendations from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine: Babies 4 months to 12 months:

6 reasons why children should learn languages as early as possible

The research extolling the benefits of bilingualism abounds in today’s day and age. Bilingualism helps us better understand the structure of languages and can give us an in-depth view of another culture.  Bilingualism can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. It can help people find jobs here

5 Reasons Your Kid Should Not Have A Cell Phone

I’ll admit it. I’m a dinosaur among my friends because I won’t get my kids a cell phone. My daughters, aged 9 and 11, remind me of that daily with pleas of “I’m the only one without a phone; all my friends have one. Why can’t I?”

Why is Regular Exercise Important For Children?

Most children enjoy being physically active, and the exercise they get while they play contributes to the development of strong bones and muscles. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of barriers to exercise for kids in today’s modern world. Television and video games, parents who work long